Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump

Monday, March 26, 2012

RM 100.00 / set 
(Normal RM 118.00)

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  • Secure Quality of the material :
    environment-friendly LSR and PP materials are used and environmental hormone BPA completely free
  • Safety and Reliability :
    verified by the rigid European Standard of Toxicity Test
  • Portable, Convenient & hygienic :
    with the Bottle stand, contamination of breast shield and silicon massager that come into direct contact with breast milk is prevented
  • Non-slip handle :
    non-slip Pad attached to handle ensures efficient breastmilk pumping
  • Hygienic Breastmilk Pumping :
    Breastmilk flows into the bottle without coming into contact with silicon diaphragm
  • Easy-to-Grip Handle :
    Ergonomically designed to be adequate for the small hands of women
  • Soft Pumping :
    With Breast shield with a built-in Silicon massager mildly covering up and massaging the breast, smooth breastmilk Pumping is stimulated
  • Packing Unit: 1Set, Approx, 165g
  • Breast shield, Silicon diaphragm, Shield cover, Stem, White valve, Silicon massager, Handle
  • Bottle, Nipple, Cap, Disk, Bottle cover, Bottle stand

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